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What is Summer Patch?

Tips from Weed Man Milwaukee

Summer patch is a root disease that commonly affects lawns with Kentucky bluegrass and fine fescue grasses. As the fungus responsible for the disease invades the lawn's roots, circular patches, around 2 - 3 inches in diameter, will begin to appear. They often start as a yellow color, turning straw-brown as the lawn disease causes the grass plant to die, and can spread to be as large as 12 inches in diameter.

summer patch 

Conditions Favoring the Disease 

Summer patch often occurs in mid-summer when wet weather or heavy irrigation are followed by extended periods of high temperatures exceeding 82˚F. Lawns that are shaded, have poor drainage, or are compacted have a much higher chance of suffering from the disease.


Cultural practices that promote positive root growth, such as aeration, help to improve drainage on lawns suffering from compaction. Additionally, raising the height of your mower blade may lessen the extent of summer patch injury.

Weed Man Lawn Care Milwaukee Can Help!

Weed Man Lawn Care Milwaukee is here to help. Weed Man Milwaukee’s turf specialists can recognize Summer Patch disease and make recommendations to help your lawn. Weed Man Milwaukee’s specially blended slow release fertilizer applied at the right time is the first step in preventing Summer Patch. Weed Man Milwaukee’s fertilizer helps create healthy turf by slowly feeding the lawn as it needs it encouraging deep rooting systems. Your local Weed Man Milwaukee professional will also be able advise you on any other treatments or cultural practices that may be necessary to help your turf remain healthy and vigorous.

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